Franzetti Photography


214 West Maxwell Street
Lexington, KY 40508

Bridal boudoir is a great way to relax, celebrate your upcoming wedding, and have one heck of a gift to give on wedding day! You are already doing so much planning so Franzetti Boudoir takes care of everything! 

Every session includes:

  • Professional Hair and Makeup onsite
  • Guidance and resources to help you pick the perfect wardrobe pieces
  • Optional pre-session wardrobe consultation
  • Private venue at my personal studio
  • Access to my client wardrobe with over 200+ pieces
  • Posing from head to toe (yes, even your facial expressions)
  • Expert product design guidance for all printing

Get ready for an amazing boost of confidence before you walk down the aisle because if you can feel good in your underwear, imagine how good you will feel in your dress!! 

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