Grand Ballroom of the Signature Club of Lansdowne

Jul 3, 2024

Conveniently located in the heart of Lexington is the Grand Ballroom of the Signature Club of Lansdowne. They specialize in creating one-of-a-kind weddings and special events of all sizes and types that reflect your personal style The Grand Ballroom offers 4,000 square feet of flexible rental facilities, located right in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky. Included standard with this versatile banquet and reception hall is a 720 square foot marble dance floor, wall-to-wall windows, and oversized French doors opening onto an elegant terrace providing an additional 2,000 square feet for hosting guests outside. Learn more about The Signature Club from Venue Manager Ashley Turner Frazier.


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Listen to learn more about:

  • 01:06: History and description of the Signature Club
  • 02:09: Membership at the Club
  • 02:45: Renting the Ballroom
  • 03:14: Options for where to have ceremony (terrace)
  • 04:12: Chairs, tables, and linens rentals at the Club
  • 04:35: Ceremony setup options with rain plan options
  • 06:50: Recent renovations
  • 07:30: Most popular days for wedding ceremony rentals
  • 08:20: Pricing for venue rentals at the Signature Club
  • 09:35: Guest parking at the Signature Club
  • 10:31: The Bridal Suite 
  • 11:34: Convenient location to nearby hotels for couples to get ready
  • 12:50: Rehearsal dinners at the Signature Club
  • 13:56: Supporting staff at the Club on your wedding day
  • 15:17: Coordinating logistics and meeting with brides
  • 17:21: Have you seen any unique ballroom or terrace set ups?
  • 18:29: Other events at the Signature Club beyond weddings
  • 19:17: Various options for taking photos around the property
  • 21:49: What do you wish couples knew about renting a venue?
  • 24:07: Deposit required for a Saturday wedding
  • 24:36: How far in advance would a couple need to book a wedding?
  • 25:11: The best way to reach out to schedule a tour
  • 26:52: Ashley’s final thoughts on what sets the Signature Club apart as a venue


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