Wedding Photography with emphasis in Albums

Jun 19, 2024

Shelly Dawn Fryman, owner of Shelly Dawn Images wedding photographer, based in Lexington, KY shares how wedding photo delivery has changed in the past decade and how most photographers deliver images now. We focus on the importance of wedding albums. When the wedding is all said and done, the album is what you will cherish forever.


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  • 01:00: How she got started as a wedding photographer
  • 02:43: Shelly talks her photography degree and experience
  • 05:40: On becoming a bride herself and choosing a photographer
  • 07:22: Advice for choosing your photographer
  • 07:59: Describing her photography style and other styles
  • 10:37: The changes in photography deliverables over time
  • 13:12: The flash drive book Shelly gives to couples
  • 14:53: Make sure to download and back up your online gallery photos!
  • 15:40: Let’s talk wedding albums
  • 16:21: Shelly’s options for wedding albums
  • 18:45: Important images Shelly curates in an album
  • 20:35: How long does it take to deliver a finished album?
  • 21:26: Can a couple return to you for an album later on?
  • 23:13: A wedding album makes a great first anniversary gift
  • 24:55: Working with other Lexington wedding photographers
  • 29:15: Pointers for getting better images on your wedding day


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Telephone: 859-327-4978


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