Vitamin IV Therapies

Jun 5, 2024

Vitamin IV therapies, are part of a popular health and wellness trend spreading across the region. I sat down with Jon Hurley, Founder of Renew Hydration, based in Lexington, Kentucky to learn more about the pros, cons, side effects and cost of IV Therapies. Renew Hydration is First Responder and Physician Owned. They provide clean, professional on demand IV services when you need it, and where you need it.


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Listen to learn more about:

  • 00:00: Introduction to Vitamin IV therapies
  • 00:55: How Jon got started in this business
  • 02:05: How did Vitamin IV therapies start and take off?
  • 02:57: What exactly are hydration IV therapies and how do they work?
  • 03:29: Who can benefit from these therapies?
  • 04:30: How long does the process take?
  • 05:02: What is the most popular option people choose?
  • 06:19: Pre-scheduling your appointments
  • 07:02: Preparing to try hydration therapy for your wedding
  • 08:29: Jon’s thoughts on using the service for the wedding party
  • 09:18: Renew Hydration giveaway gifts for the bride and groom
  • 09:33: A good time to get hydration IV on your wedding day
  • 10:41: How Renew Hydration can help “take back your day”
  • 12:16: Two things Renew Hydration can’t give you
  • 12:36: Safety and doctor’s approval by the Renew Hydration team prior to treatment
  • 12:54: Treatment recommendations for allergies and sinus issues
  • 13:41: Is the treatment safe for all ages?
  • 14:31: Pricing for Renew Hydration services
  • 16:07: Memberships for repeat IV treatments
  • 17:52: What should you look for in an IV therapy service outside of Lexington?
  • 19:16: How do you help those who are afraid of needles?
  • 20:45: What are your Lipo B and Lipo C options to target fat loss?
  • 23:40: Fixing the root of the problem is what Renew Hydration is all about
  • 25:38: The best way to reach Renew Hydration to learn more or schedule


Connect with Renew Hydration:

Telephone: 859-488-6731


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