Every couples hopes to save a little money here and there when planning their wedding. It’s common to look for ways to cut back on expenses. Trying to save money for your dream wedding is totally understandable, especially in today’s world. However, there are some considerations to make before trying to cut costs–particularly when it comes to your wedding stationery.

Wedding invitations may seem like one of those tasks that couples can just DIY. After all, there are numerous websites out there dedicated to helping you design your invites online which seems like it would be way less expensive than hiring someone to create custom wedding stationery just for you, but is that really the case or just an assumption? Find out below!

I often hear couples say that stationery is a way they’re going to cut expenses so they’re just going to order online from Minted, Zola, etc. I’ve never taken the time to price check those websites to a custom designer, until now – so I was never okay with saying “yes, that’s a great idea” – I just said okay and moved on.

For this price comparison I went with the one I hear most couples mention, Minted. Minted is a design marketplace where you can create stationery for different occasions or use the designs on home decor, art prints, and more. 

On Minted, you can select a design you like and may be able to customize it slightly, changing a color here or there and of course, adding your names and dates. You can also work with a designer if needed, which is included in the price as well as envelopes and guest address printing. 

On the other hand, you can choose to work with someone to help you design a custom invitation, right here in Lexington! For this example, I’m using Wild Joy Studios, Simply Love Studio’s preferred vendor for wedding stationery. 

In working with a graphic artist like Allison at Wild Joy, you’ll have someone to help walk you through the process with knowledge of wedding etiquette when it comes to invites. You won’t have to fret over the wording, and you will work with a professional who knows the right questions to ask to make it great and as you imagined.

To help you visualize the actual differences when it comes to pricing, I’ve created this chart to compare 2 options with Wild Joy Studios and prices from Minted for 100 save the dates and invites, roughly 150 guests. I always recommend ordering a few extra, for photos, keepsakes, messed up envelopes when addressing, etc. 

Included in this price breakdown is a traditional RSVP card that will need to be mailed back. Many couples today opt to do RSVPs through a wedding website, so often that can be omitted as well as any additional info cards. However, RSVP cards are still important and since some couples still choose to use them, I included them in the chart.

Minted has a range of prices when it comes to Save the Date 5” x 7” flat cards, the most standard sizing option. Prices range from $1.65 to $3.88, with the most common being $1.88 each. For invitations on Minted, the cheapest prices range from $2.50 to $5.65 with the most common being $3.00. If you’re trying to stick with the cheapest options on Minted, the chart shows the average prices (but there are options there that are more expensive as well, so keep that in mind).

The top row shows pricing for custom invitations created by Wild Joy Studios, which is really what we’re comparing with Minted when it comes to the total price. With a custom invitation, you get more say in your design to make it special and mean something to you rather than the more generic designs you’ll find somewhere like Minted. As Allison and I mentioned on the podcast, your save the dates and invitations are the first interaction your guests will have with your wedding so you can really use them to set the theme and tone for your wedding to come!


Photo by Kevin and Anna Photography

In addition, your RSVP card, tax, and shipping are all included with the custom option.

Lastly, I included a digital download pricing option from Wild Joy Studios for $27 editable template to show its price comparison to the custom and Minted options. You can find similar digital downloads on Etsy, this is just the pricing for Wild Joy Studios (#shoplocal). These options are a bit more budget friendly because you are doing more of the work and you also have to consider costs associated with printing your designs.

Digital downloads, in case you’re wondering, can be edited online in Canva with a free account and are not a physical product. Everything in the template can be edited, including fonts, names, copy, and design placement. You can change names, dates, and times to customize the suite for your event. Once you have completed your customization, you can export your design and or print directly from Canva. You can also choose to print at home or through Fedex, Staples, or other places.

Another thing to consider, if stationery is important to you, working with someone like Allison, she can design a custom crest for your wedding, do a watercolor illustration as your venue that you can be incorporated in many ways and more. She can even do a watercolor of your bouquet after the wedding, like the one below!

For not that much more money, ordering custom wedding invitations from a local graphic artist and business could help save you time and hassle while creating a design that’s unique to you and a keepsake from your wedding day you’ll want to treasure. You’ll also have the one on one personal support you need so there won’t be any mistakes as you ready and send out your invites and feel good supporting a local business!

Check out Allison at Wild Joy Studios to get started with your wedding invitations today and catch her podcast here!

If you would like to price stationery designs yourself, you can check out these other websites: Minted, the Knot, and Zola.