Top Honeymoon Destinations of 2024

Mar 13, 2024

Jessie Ladipo, Chief Romance Officer with Trips to Cherish, shares the benefits of working with a travel agent for your honeymoon and what fees associated with working with a travel agent. Over the past few years people have been using their days off and traveling more, which means you need to book your travel much sooner than ever before. Are Tuesdays really the best time to book flights? Hear Jessie’s thoughts on this and her top 5 most popular honeymoon destinations of 2024.


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Listen to learn more about:

  • 00:15: Introduction to Jessie Ladipo, of Trips to Cherish
  • 00:56: Benefits of working with a travel agent
  • 2:25: How do fees work when using a travel agent?
  • 4:21: Has the cost of traveling increased since the pandemic?
  • 5:06: Jessie talks about preparing passports and visas
  • 7:52: Jessie’s recommendations for honeymoons inside the United States
  • 9:21: How Jessie can help a couple narrow down honeymoon choices
  • 10:54: What’s the average length of a honeymoon?
  • 11:57: Jessie debunks travel hacking myths
  • 13:46: Should you use a third party website to book travel?
  • 16:38: Honeymoon destination options with the most bang for your buck
  • 17:54: Where are couples from who book with Trips to Cherish?
  • 19:37: When will couples need to apply for European visas coming up in 2025?
  • 20:07: What are the most popular destinations for 2024 so far?
  • 21:18: Sarah suggests to follow Trips to Cherish on social media for great travel info
  • 21:56: Advice for couples booking a honeymoon in 2024
  • 24:28: What are some beach destinations that Kentucky couples can reach quickly by plane?
  • 26:02: Trips to Cherish also offers bookings for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties
  • 27:26: Jessie shares her thoughts on booking Airbnb’s
  • 31:54: Jessie offers a final piece of advice for couples planning their honeymoon



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