Once you have all of your big wedding day vendors booked it’s time to start working on the details. You might be a little over budget and thinking about what is most important at this point, am I right? You’re thinking are wedding signs realllllly necessary?

While the type of wedding signage can vary from wedding to wedding, it does serve a functional and aesthetic purpose–to give useful information and helpful directions to your guests. Besides being useful, you can use wedding signage to match your decor and even create Instagram-worthy photo backdrops sure to please.

When choosing what kinds of wedding signage to include for your wedding, make your decision based on what will be the most beneficial to your guests. To help you decide, here’s a list of wedding signage you should consider for your big day.

Road or Yard Signs

Consider the location of your wedding or reception–would signage help your guests navigate more easily to your venue? Signs pointing guests in the right direction along nearby roads can help guests feel at ease knowing they’re heading the correct way. You could also include signs that show your guests where they can park once they arrive. Do your guests a favor and make the day as easy as possible.

Welcome Sign

Once your guests arrive, greet them with a sign that welcomes them and lets them know they are in the right place! This can especially be helpful for public venues that may be hosting multiple events on the same day. These optional signs usually include the couple’s names, the wedding date, and maybe a hashtag that lets guests know what to tag their photos as so you can more easily find them in social media posts later.

Flowers by Doug Smith Designs

Cards or Gifts Sign

Want your guests to be sure to leave their cards or wedding gifts in a certain place? Add a sign that tells your guests just that. Otherwise, you might have guests leaving gifts in other places and you’ll end up searching to collect them afterwards.

Guestbook Sign

Weddings can be hectic and you might not get to greet every single guest in person, much less, remember everyone who was able to attend. That’s why guest books are so useful for recording your guests in a memorable keepsake. Ensure your guests know where yours is and that you’d like them to sign by pointing it out to them!

Guestbook Signage from The Crazy Bunny Lady

“In Memory of” Sign

Honor your loved ones who weren’t able to be there for your special day with “In Memory of” signage. This creates a beautiful opportunity to commemorate those that had a huge impact in your life on the best day of your life. Many couples choose to set this sign alongside photos of their loved ones, this can be displayed at the ceremony or reception.

Unplugged Ceremony Sign

To help ensure that your guests stay in the moment during your ceremony, display an unplugged ceremony sign. Ideally, you should let guests know beforehand in your invitations or on your wedding website, but you can use this sign to remind guests of your wishes. Place this sign at the entrance to your ceremony venue, perhaps on or near your welcome sign.

Unplugged ceremony sign, florals by Doug Smith Designs

Order of Events Sign (optional)

Consider how to guide your guests through your wedding day and decide if a sign about the order of events would be useful. Some couples prefer to put this information in their wedding programs, while others prefer to just use a sign showing a timeline of events for the day.

Reserved Seating Sign for Ceremony

A simple way to let guests know which rows are reserved for the family is to use signs so there’s no awkwardness with having to ask guests to move. Reserved seating signs are for the front row or two on each side of the ceremony.

The Crazy Bunny Lady offers numerous types of signage

Choose a Seat, Not a Side Sign (optional)

This sign is useful for guests when you don’t mind where they sit. Let them know that they’re welcome to sit anywhere–except for the reserved seating of course.

Directional Signs

Help your guests out by including directional signs to the events in your wedding venue. These signs are really beneficial for any wedding so your guests don’t get lost. Have arrows pointing to where they can find cocktail hour, your reception, and possibly, the restroom.

Seating Chart (and Table Numbers) Sign

If you’ve carefully planned out where your guests will sit at your reception, having a sign that tells guests where to go is a must. There’s several ways to do this, just make sure your sign shows which table guests should sit at and that seating is described clearly to help guide your guests. Check out the left photo below, the laser cut & engraved gold acrylic place card markers have the guest’s name and table number on it!

Fun Champagne Wall Seating Chart

Reserved Seating and Tables Reception Signs

Much like the reserved seating signs at your ceremony, also let guests know what rows and tables are off-limits for seating at the reception. This is especially important if your reception has open seating! If you’re doing a seating chart remember you need table numbers too!

Wedding Reception Signage

Bar Signs

At your reception, add signs in the bar area to let your guests know about your open bar, the cocktails being served, or about your signature drinks!

Signature Drink Signage

Dinner Menu Sign

In addition to a bar sign, you may also consider a sign with the dinner menu on it for guests to see as they enter your reception area so they can know what to expect or adding signs near your stations! If you are doing a buffet I also recommend adding a name tag for each item. As someone who has a food allergy I am always very cautious of everything I put on my plate.

Food Station Signage and Menu by Bayou Bluegrass Catering

Creative Food Label by Type A Catering

Cake Topper

The style and decoration of your wedding cake is a personal choice, but consider a unique cake topper with your names or “Mr. & Mrs” to match your wedding design and decor and really set your wedding cake apart. You can do different colors, designs and if you’re having a dessert bar you can even do a desserts sign!

Custom Cake Topper and Desserts Sign

Bride & Groom/Mr. & Mrs Seat Signs

Bride and Groom Signs by The Crazy Bunny Lady

Showcase your new couple status at the reception with a sign displaying your new titles! This sign can be placed on your reception table and looks great in a photo with the two of you. 

Photo Booth Sign

If your reception has a photo booth, you want your guests to know where it is and encourage them to take photos! 

LAST NAME Photo Backdrop Sign

Along with your photo booth sign, consider a backdrop with your last name printed in large font and maybe even your wedding date for your guests to have fun taking photos under. 

Seating chart turned back drop from The Crazy Bunny Lady

Favors Sign

Make sure your guests don’t miss out on those wedding favors you’ve worked so hard on preparing. A sign for the table where you plan for guests to pick them up will help make sure they find them and also know how thankful you are that they could attend your special day. 

Wedding Koozie Signage

Choose the Wedding Signage That’s Best for Your Wedding

While this list of wedding signage is not all inclusive, this should give you an idea of what signs your guests might find helpful and where you can show off your wedding’s unique style. The most important consideration for choosing your wedding signage should be what serves you and your guests best.

For custom, personalized wedding signs designed for your special day, check out The Crazy Bunny Lady based in Lexington, Kentucky but shipping nationwide. 


Great example of wedding day aesthetic!

Unfortunately I don’t know who created all of these wonderful pieces, but they are beautiful and I love that the look and font are carried through even to the DJ booth!

Photography by Kendra R Photography