Modern weddings are full of traditions that stem from superstitions–from why we wear the ring on the fourth finger to the bride carrying, “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” Most of these traditions originate from ancient beliefs or superstitions about protecting the couple or ensuring that they would have a prosperous life together.

Southerners are a particularly superstitious group; just ask any true southerner about the meaning behind their traditional New Year’s Day meal of collard greens and black-eyed peas! It’s no surprise that the South would have some of its own regional wedding traditions, like burying bourbon before the wedding day.

What Does the Tradition of Burying Bourbon Mean?

The tradition says that burying bourbon one month before your wedding will bring you good weather on your big day. While no one is really sure where the tradition of burying bourbon originated, an educated guess would be Kentucky since the tradition is very specific about using only bourbon and not just any whiskey.

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How Couples Can Best Follow the Tradition

For the best chances of preventing rain and bad weather on your wedding day, some versions of the tradition say that the bourbon must be buried to the minute one month before your ceremony at your wedding venue. Other versions just say that burying the bottle one month before the wedding and aren’t as exact with timing it down to the minute.

However, all versions state that the bottle must be a full bottle, sealed, and buried upside down. Miss one of those steps and it won’t work.

Make sure to check that your wedding venue is okay with you digging a hole on their property! Some venues even encourage you to partake in this tradition.

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After the Wedding

Provided that you carry out the tradition correctly, your wedding day will have gorgeous weather and now it’s time to go dig up your bottle(s)–some couples bury a second bottle to enjoy on their future anniversaries–and share with your guests. Spring for the nice bourbon. Your wedding guests and future selves will thank you.

If, by some cosmic chance, it did rain on your wedding day despite following all of the rules correctly, then dig up your bourbon and enjoy it anyway. A true Southerner wouldn’t waste a good bottle of bourbon. According to another superstition, rain on your wedding day is actually good luck so you win either way.

Whatever the outcome, burying and digging up the bourbon makes for romantic and memorable photos of your special day, so don’t forget to include them and your photographer if you can!

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