In preparing for your wedding day, there’s a long list of items to get just right so that the image in your mind matches with your dream wedding reality. Wedding venue, decor, flowers, and a stunning wedding dress are usually what come to mind first as you your wedding. However, most brides are also adding another must-have item to that preparation list: a new perfume.

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Why are so many brides including a new perfume as part of their wedding day checklist? Below are just 5 of the top reasons why brides rank the importance of having a signature scent right up there with a wedding dress that captures their unique sense of style.

1.   A Wedding Perfume Ties Together Scent and Memory

Your wedding day is a special day to look back on and you’ll want to treasure the moments and memories from this day for the rest of your life. A 2021 study found that the sense of smell has the strongest connection to the part of the brain responsible for creating and retrieving long-term memories when compared to the other senses. Knowing this, it’s not hard to imagine how a new perfume worn specifically for the occasion can evoke special memories of your wedding every time you wear it in the future.

2.   A Fragrance Adds to Your Bridal Aura

A new wedding perfume is the perfect addition to further enhance your already glowing self on your big day. You’ve got the dream gown, the shoes, a perfectly adorned hair and face–why not have a new intriguing fragrance as a finishing touch? This is the day you will feel your most beautiful and confident self.

3.   The Smell of a New Transition

You might wish to break out of your everyday routine with an all new signature scent on your wedding day to mark your transition from singlehood to marriage. This new fragrance becomes a symbol for the next chapter in your life!

4.   A Record of Your Special Day

A gorgeous new perfume bottle alone is worth it for the sweet detailed photos it will create surrounded by other important tokens of the day, like your bouquet or your shoes. Show off and create a memory for the future and those who couldn’t be there. Scroll down for more beautiful detail photos with perfume. You don’t have to buy the large bottle, you can do the rollerballs too!

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5.   A Surprise for Your Fiance and Guests

Your wedding day is your chance to wow your new fiance as well as your guests! Walk down the aisle with confidence wearing a new perfume scent that helps add to the surprise and intrigue of the day and mask the smell of nerves!

Now that you’re starting to see why so many brides opt for a new perfume on their wedding day, it’s time to check out 10 of the most popular fragrances brides choose. This post does contain affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and later make a purchase we could receive a small commission. Of course I know every bride is on a budget, so be sure and shop around for the best size and price!

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Why leave your fiance out of all the fun? For the same reasons above, a signature cologne can establish a memorable wedding day for you as well that you both can recreate when wearing those scents for years to come. Here’s the top 5 colognes for grooms:

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