Things to Know Before Hiring a Wedding DJ with Jason Henninger of Kentucky Pro DJ

Apr 19, 2023

Jason Henninger, Owner of Kentucky Pro DJ based in Richmond, KY has backups for his backups on wedding days! Jason shares the difference between a DJ and MC, how far in advance to book a wedding DJ, how long a traditional reception lasts and even why there’s a price gap in DJs in our area and what you need to know before booking.


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Listen to learn more about:

  • 01:04: How did Jason become a wedding DJ?
  • 01:30: Jason talks about how his business, Kentucky Pro DJ, got started
  • 02:24: The professionalism of DJs at Kentucky Pro DJ
  • 03:27: What’s the difference between a DJ and MC?
  • 04:48: How does your pricing work for reception, cocktail hour, and ceremonie setups?
  • 06:23: Providing equipment for officiants, readers, or live musicians
  • 07:59: Make sure to have backup equipment to protect against malfunctions
  • 10:12: Ideal time frame to book a wedding DJ
  • 12:06: The Price difference in DJs – from hobbyists to professionals
  • 14:19: Professional at Kentucky Pro DJ extends to their attire
  • 15:21: Having a clean setup
  • 17:02: The standard timeframe for booking a DJ for the reception
  • 18:38: What else do you offer couples besides DJing?
  • 19:42: You need a contract with your DJ. What needs to be in it?
  • 21:36: Jason’s advice for enjoying your reception


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Telephone: 859-200-5156


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