My last blog almost a year ago was about what you could expect to spend on a wedding in Lexington, KY, however, as the world has changed, so has the cost of weddings! Here is an updated budget guide for Central Kentucky weddings.

Estimated Cost for Lexington, KY Wedding, August 2022
Average: $7,000
Range: $2,500 – 20,000

Average: $3200
Range: $2,000 – 8,000

Average: $2,750
Range: $2,000 – 7,500

Average: $2,000
Range: $1,000 – 5,000

Cake: Priced per slice
Average: $5.50 (Multiply by guest count)

Caterer: Priced by person
BBQ – starts at $20 per person
Buffets – start about $30 per person
Plated – start about $34 per person

Alcohol: Priced by person
Most Common $25 per person for 4-hour open bar
Range: $20 – 42

Catering & Alcohol will have a service fee, typically 18-30%, depending on the caterer/venue some will have a set per guest service fee, example: $25 per guest is service fee

Florals (this depends on the bride, venue, expectations, bridal party size, etc)
Average: $3,500
Range: $2,000 – $30,000

Stationery: save the dates, stamps, invitations, stamps, RSVP cards, stamps, programs, menu cards, etc
Average: $750 – $1,000

Hair & Makeup:
Bride Average for trial & makeup $350 – 500

Rentals (tables, chairs, linens, china, flatware, napkins, etc)
Budget $1,000 in beginning, before knowing venue, venue will determine everything you need, if you need a tent this will be substantially higher


Day Of Coordinator (or Month of Coordinator):
Average $1800
Range: $1500 – 2,000

Other items to budget for:

  • Fiancé’s Attire
  • Rings
  • Transportation – depends on getting ready location and venues
  • Honeymoon
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Details (tables numbers, signage, etc) $1,000 random expenses
  • Bridal Party Gifts
  • Getting Ready Location
  • Night of Location (ideally the same as getting ready location)
  • Wedding Insurance – approximately $250
  • Skincare and hair regimen starting approximately 6 months before wedding

See something I left out? Message me! Have a question about your budget? Message me!
header photo: Franzetti Photography