We have all types of wedding vendors in Central Kentucky, prices vary based on style, service, product, experience, location, date, etc. The average wedding here costs approximately $25,000. The numbers listed below are the average for each category. I won’t actually add them up because there are too many variables (guest count, etc) but this will give you a good idea of local numbers.

I do recommend each couple pick out 1 – 2 things that are most important to them and don’t skimp on those areas. I also encourage sitting 10% of your budget aside for “emergencies” or last minute items.

Venue: This is where it is important to take your time to find the right one, so that your venue doesn’t eat up your entire budget.  We have venues from $1,500 up. I would say the average is probably about $4000 – $5000. There are a lot of things to consider when booking a venue.  Does the venue include tables, chairs, linens? Does it have a ceremony location, if so, is it an extra fee? I would try to keep the venue to 25% or less of your budget.

Photography: The average is $2500 – 3200 in Lexington. The most common photography package will be 8 hours of coverage, an engagement session, 2nd shooter and photos.

DJ: $1250 – $2,500, this fee varies based on services provided (example: ceremony music, cocktail hour, reception, etc). DJ pricing can go higher if you want to add lighting, monogram, photobooth, etc. Bands start at about $3,500 and go up.

Cake: Priced per slice, average is $5.50 per slice for buttercream. So if you have 100 people, it would be approximately $550, plus any taxes/delivery.

Videography: Approximately $2000-2500, this is something you can always book closer to time once you know where the budget falls, but if video is super important to you, I recommend booking it sooner, rather than later.

Caterer: is priced per person. For food, City BBQ starts about $20, a full service caterer (that can also include alcohol) will be roughly $35 – 50 per person.  You will also have a service charge (18%+) and tax on top of that.

Alcohol: Honestly, alcohol for weddings can be a big pain in the butt… There are a lot of laws for it (for good reasons). Please read your venue contract before you sign it, so you know exactly what your venue requires.  If your venue requires that a caterer with a liquor license provide alcohol, then you must work with someone like Type A Catering, Bayou Bluegrass Catering or Lundy’s Catering.  If your vendor requires only a STAR Certified bartender then Set The Bar KY is a great option! Either way, for beer and wine I would budget at least $25/per person from the start. Depending on your scenario and alcohol requested it can be higher.

Florals – This will go back to your guest count, table count, bridal party size, etc.  I would say $3000 is about the average floral budget.

Stationery – usually $750.  For save the dates, invitations, rsvps cards, info cards and two sets of postage. This number can also be much higher if you have a large guest count number, want foil on your invitations, etc.

Dress – this can be anywhere $1,000+. I would say in Lexington $2000 is about the average spent.  I also recommend budgeting about $500 for alterations too, to be safe.

Hair & Makeup: for the bride for a day of and a trial usually $350 – 500. Bridesmaids are approximately $150 for both services.  You can pay for that or request them to. Some artists will have fees to travel on site to you or mileage, as well as a minimum dollar amount.

Rentals: will depend on your venue, but things you might have to rent are tent, tables, chairs, linens, china, flatware and ceremony arch.

Officiant: approximately $250, if you are getting married in a church often times this fee will be included, but always ask!

Day-of Coordinator (or Month-of): $1,500 – $2,000 – I would recommend anyone having a small or large wedding to at least have a day of coordinator to help keep things on track!

Full Service Wedding Planner: $3,500 – $5,000+

Other things you’ll want to add to your budget spreadsheet:
-Groom’s attire
-Rehearsal Dinner
-Details (like table numbers, monograms, etc)
-Bridal Party gifts
-Parent gifts
-Getting ready location
-Night of location
-Wedding Insurance

I just put a whole lot of information in your lap, it’s normal to be overwhelmed, but we’ll get through this together. Reach out anytime you need help or have concerns.  I often hear couples referencing budget amounts they received from national websites and unfortunately those aren’t accurate for Lexington. Every budget will be different. Every couple will have different priorities.  I’m here to help everyone, reach out anytime.

Photo credit: Veronica Sparrow Photography