Over the past few years I’ve worked really hard to come up with a guest count formula for couples. The guest list is the number one thing I recommend you do when starting your wedding planning process! My recommendation is to not book a venue or make any decisions until that guest list is on paper or in an excel spreadsheet!

While we’re making lists we’re actually going to make a few!

1.) Everyone you HAVE to invite – there will be guests that you have to invite that live across the country or someone’s parent’s want to send a courtesy invite to you, but you know they won’t come.

2.) Everyone you THINK will come – The national average (pre-Covid) and what we’re going to work with now is 80% of the people you think will come, will come.  I have personally done some statistics for Lexington weddings and we are at 81% of the guests you invite come!

3.) While we’re making lists, I recommend going ahead and marking the guests you think will drink alcohol.  Alcohol can be a large expense and there are different ways you can purchase alcohol, so while we’re making lists, let’s just go ahead and highlight those folks.

4.) The last list is the couples/families that will need a hotel room.  If this is 10 or more, then I recommend getting a room block!

Every wedding planner may have a different formula for guest counts, but this is one I’ve found that has worked well for my couples over the years!

I also recommend purchasing a wedding planner binder to keep everything in one place, here are a few of my favorites from amazon!


Featured Image: Kate McStay Photography
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