372 Days.


The amount of days between our local wedding industry wide networking events. Last night we got to have our first meeting since March 10th, 2020 and the meeting was everything we all needed.  The Carrick House and Lundy’s Special Events were SO gracious to host our group. Deanna Dillender with Great Expectations KY and I worked together to come up with a plan for the meeting and ultimately decided on a veteran vendor discussion panel. Our panelists were:

Glenn Blind, Doug Smith Designs + Events
Jason Henninger, Kentucky Pro DJ
Alicia Collins, Great Expectations KY
Alissa Tibe, The Carrick House
DaRae Marcum, DaRae & Friends Catering
Conrhod Zonio, Conrhod Zonio Photography

When we arrived at The Carrick House we had a few minutes to network, grab a drink and then we moved to our seats. The Carrick House outdid themselves with the setup, honestly, I was really impressed. We were seated at tables of two, all looking forward toward the panelists, so no one had to turn around in their seat and be uncomfortable.

Lundy’s Special Events is the in house caterer at The Carrick House and provided us a delicious tray of appetizers at our seat. The tray consisted of a mini beef wellington, bacon wrapped peppadew peppers with goat cheese, shrimp and grit fitter remoulade and my personal favorite a cheddar herb biscuit bite with sorghum drizzled chicken. They even had a take home box for everyone! I would like to note I did make it home with the entire box, so I could photograph it for you.

Deanna with Great Expectations KY moderated the panel and Kentucky Pro DJ live streamed the panel to our virtual audience! The panelist were given questions prior to the meeting and we a few questions at the end.

The question that most resonated with me is “what did you learn from 2020?” I felt I could relate to all of their answers and connect with them individually based on their answers.

  • Being intentional. When it’s family/friend time, no phone and no work. I can definitely say I am trying to be more intentional in everything I do. Having boundaries. I’ve never had those before, but moving forward I am working with a business coach to help me with that.
  • Patience (I’m still working on this one and taking pointers if you have any)
  • Grateful that we get to do what we do for a living. I am SO thankful for every essential worker out there, but I can promise you, you don’t want me as an essential worker, but I am here for you when you want to throw a party or have an event. It’s how my brain is wired.
  • Relationships – how important they are in our industry (and I’m sure any industry). 12 million event workers were unemployed at one time. Not just having your job taken away, but your love, your life, no one could understand that feeling, but us. I couldn’t talk to my friends that were teachers, nurses, accountants about the struggles I had mentality and emotionally because they couldn’t understand, but my vendor friends did.
  • To be Empathic – we never know what others are going through. Many of our couples experienced job loss and suffering too, in addition to postponing their wedding. Just being respectful of their feelings and situations.
  • Grace. – Goes right along with empathy, we don’t know what others are facing. Be kind to people. Be kind to your vendors, vendor friends, couples, barista, the person crossing the street, everyone.

Veronica Sparrow Photography was our official photographer for the event, so I’ll post photos on social media once we receive them!!

I look forward to an awesome 2021! Cheers to being with my vendor family again and getting couples married!


(featured image and panelist photo: Kim Gaunce)