We’ve been up to a lot of fun things around here.  I feel like sometimes we talk about things a lot before we actually get to start doing them and implementing them, but it’s finally here!  We started our video series this week with Emily & Megan (pictured below) the Event Coordinators at The Thoroughbred Center.

Emily shared some info about having a backup plan for rain on your wedding day and you’ll see in the video why she was a great one to talk about that! You can catch her video here.

One of the great things about The Thoroughbred Center is they have so many options for ceremonies and receptions that you won’t have a problem on the wedding day if there is rain! Plus, they just did some renovations and now have a tent option too!  So be sure and schedule a site visit if you are looking for a barn/rustic wedding venue!

Once you’re there and in the midst of planning you’ll want to think about how to entertain your guests!  Megan has some great tips on that topic here!

Stay tuned for more fun, educational topics from our preferred vendors in the coming weeks!