Guest Post by Sarah Burton the owner of Simply Love Studio Wedding Resource Center:

When I meet with couples the first thing we talk about is the guest list and the second thing is the wedding budget. Your budget can truly determine everything when it comes to your wedding planning. I’ve worked with couples that had a $3,000 budget and couples that had a $100,000 budget. Whatever your wedding budget is, we can make it work!

Often times couples they say their budget is going to be x dollars. The Bride’s family is contributing a certain amount; the fiancé’s parents are contributing a certain amount and the couple is putting in so much money. I recommend knowing exactly how much each parent and individual is contributing. I also recommend trying to get as much of that up front as possible, so you can use it toward deposits and have it readily available to pay vendors. If at any point someone doesn’t come through with his or her said amount, you will be responsible for that amount if you’ve already committed it to vendors.

Once you know exactly how much money you have to spend on the wedding, know you’ll probably spend $3,000 – $5,000 more than that. Seriously. It’s very common for couples to spend more than their original budget just because you don’t know how much things cost or you aren’t willing to give up on certain things you want.

Every couple’s needs, wants and wishes are going to be different, but below is a basic guideline for how you can expect to spend your money if you have $20,000 and 150 guests, which is the average for the Lexington, Kentucky area. This does not include the dress or honeymoon. From my experience, those items come from different budgets.

Your venue, food & beverage are typically your largest expenses. Depending on your venue, you may not have an actual venue fee, but you’ll have a food & beverage minimum, so that percentage can be rolled in with your food & beverage percentage. If you don’t plan to have a bar, your food & beverage percentage can be substantially lower.

The overall percentages shown below can give you a fabulous wedding and one that will leave your guests talking about it for years to come! Feel free to email me or call, I’d be happy to talk about your budget specifically and help you determine where you should spend what, based on your priorities.

Remember; set a budget in the beginning and stick to it! It’s very important to do this together and make sure you stay on track as much as possible.

Wedding Budget Lexington, Kentucky. We would like to introduce you to Sarah Burton the owner of Simply Love Studio in Lexington, Kentucky. The studio is a wedding resource center, that helps couples plan their weddings for free. There are no catches, no gimmicks. The studio is fully funded by wedding vendors, who get to use the studio as a meeting space and display their work. Simply Love Studio is a great resource to help you start thinking about and planning all of the details of your wedding. Sarah is also involved in the creation and production of Bridal Bliss Magazine. She is a fantastic and knowledgeable resource. You can schedule an appointment or learn more about Simply Love Studio on their website:

Simply Love Studio Wedding Resource Center owned by Sarah Burton in Lexington, Kentucky.


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