We love capturing details on the wedding day. It is a perfect way to tell the story of your special day. One of our favorite parts of the wedding day is when we first arrive and get to see the bride’s pretty dress along with her something borrowed, old, new and blue. Every bride has her own unique style so that is why it is always exciting to see all the special items she has picked out. Here are some of our favorite wedding detail ideas that every bride needs to have on her wedding day.

Invitation Suite

Invitations can sometimes be thought of as too expensive to invest much thought and money into. We find that the invitation is a really important part of telling your wedding day story. We use your invitation suite while taking photos of all of your bridal details. It is the perfect backdrop to use to remember all of those special keepsakes. We also love incorporating your name, colors, and dates into as much of your details as possible. Using your invitation is the perfect way to do this.

Kentucky bride detail wedding photos at the Lexington Country Club in Lexington, KY.

The Mrs. Box

You have probably seen that cute little velvet ring box on our blog. The Mrs. Box is a great keepsake to have and even pass down! You can have them customize your ring box to fit your wedding day color along with your initials or special monogram. These adorable ring boxes give the extra romantic touch to your bridal details. Check out their website to find the perfect box for your special day: https://themrsbox.com

Kentucky wedding bridesmaid dress photos at Charred Oaks Inn in Versailles, Kentucky.

Wooden Hangers

Most dresses come with a standard plastic hanger. It is easy to forget that when you showcase off the bride and bridesmaid dresses that those mismatched hangers will be in the photos. We recommend that instead of keeping the hangers that came with the dress to instead purchase a wooden hanger. We love when brides gift their bridesmaids with cute hangers that have everyone’s names on them. You can find these customized hangers online at shops like Etsy.

Kentucky bridesmaid dress wedding photos at the Lexington Country Club in Lexington, KY.

Bridal Bouquet

One of the simplest ways to increase your detail photos is to have a beautiful bouquet. Your wedding bouquet acts as a centerpiece for your whole wedding day. We may use your bouquet while taking photos of your bridal details, ring shots, and invitations. It’s a way to put a splash of color and texture into your photos. It also helps us to create consistency with the whole theme of your wedding. Your bridesmaid bouquets do not have to be as large and as detailed as your bridal bouquet.

Bridesmaid robes wedding photography in downtown Bardstown, Kentucky.Matching Bride/Bridesmaid Robes and Drink Glasses

A great way to take fun pictures is cheering to your special day with a glass of some bubbly in matching bride and bridesmaid robes or shirts. This also acts as another sweet gift to give your girls. These are just extra little details to make everything match the theme of your wedding day while making everyone feel special. You can also find these gifts and more at shops on Etsy as well.

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