Simply Love Studio’s Vacation Bridal School is a workshop for engaged couples that was held over a four-week span this past January & February. Each week featured different Lexington area vendors who provided information on the fundamentals of planning a wedding. As someone who is just being introduced into the wedding industry, listening to the vendors’ advice and the couples’ questions helped me as well!

The vendors gave in-depth explanations on their most knowledgeable subjects, from the do’s and don’ts of wedding planning to the latest trends in the industry. These were the two topics that I especially enjoyed hearing about and learned from the most. Some of the major takeaways I had on recent trends were from Purdon Rental & Sales, Fields in Bloom, Keith & Melissa Photography and Geno’s Formal Affair. Purdon Rental & Sales consider polka dots, jewel tones and blush coloring as its latest trends in linens. Fields in Bloom had cascading and textured bouquets with berries and eucalyptus as the most recent trend in flower arrangements. First looks between the couple have been a more popular photography trend for Keith & Melissa Photography. Lastly, Geno’s Formal Affair listed narrower/more modern styles in navy blue, tan and black as the most recent trend in menswear.

The updates on all of the latest wedding fashion, photography, and floral trends added a fun twist to the sometimes-stressful reality of planning a wedding. The vendors’ guidance and information on the essentials of wedding planning helped me to better understand the specifics of the wedding industry! The next Vacation Bridal School will be late August, early September and I would highly recommend any couple attend no matter where they are in the planning process!

Andrea Paczkowski, Intern