Kasi and Cody’s engagement session was at the beautiful and historic Shaker Village in Harrodsburg, KY. They also brought along their sweet dogs which made the night so fun and eventful! As we explored the beautiful countryside we loved hearing all about their love story. Kasi and Cody were both so sweet and full of so much joy. You can truly see just how much they love each other.

Kasi decided to go out to dinner one night with her friends at Rafferty’s. It was pretty late and they weren’t sure if the restaurant was about to close or not. When they arrived they realized that it was 30 minutes before they closed. Cody decided to take the table so the other server didn’t have to stay late. As Cody walked over to take their order Kasi remembers that Cody had the most gorgeous blue eyes she had ever seen. Kasi mentioned to her friends that he was cute and they all agreed. She thought for sure he had a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Cody and the other servers started talking about how the girl in pink was cute (Kasi). Cody decided that he would ask Kasi to fill in her phone number on the credit card line that was printed on the receipt. Unfortunately, Kasi paid in cash and had left. Cody thought his chance was over until he looked to see a phone number and the words written: “girl in pink.” Unknowingly, Kasi’s friend had left her phone number.

Cody contacted Kasi and they both agreed to meet up for a date. It was about a little over a month before they could actually get to have their special date. Cody and Kasi were both busy and separately in nursing school finishing up classes. One Saturday afternoon they finally had time to go out for lunch and watch a movie at Cody’s house. As they left the restaurant Cody received a call from his manager that he had to work. He had completely forgotten. Cody asked Kasi if she would hang out at his house for a couple of hours so they could continue their date. Kasi surprised Cody by ordering from his favorite pizza place.

Cody knew that Kasi wanted their proposal to be special. So he decided that he would ask Kasi at the Cabin that Kasi’s family had rented for Christmas. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. They drove down Christmas morning after both working a night shift. It was rainy and foggy when all of a sudden their car hydroplaned slamming into a guardrail totaling Cody’s new car. When the police arrived they asked Cody if he had anything of value in his car that needed to be taken out. Kasi overhead Cody laugh and say, “yeah her engagement ring because I was going to propose tonight.” Cody proposed the following night in front of the fire with her family as the buzzer went off with UK beating Lousiville in basketball. Even though it wasn’t a surprise for Kasi it was absolutely perfect!

Engagement Session Location: Shaker Village in Harrodsburg, KY


Engagement Photos by Kevin and Anna Photography


Makeup: Image Insight


Hair: Hairchitexture


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