Josie and Robbie were married on a beautiful evening in June at Evans Orchard in Georgetown, KY. We were so honored when Josie called us about her intimate wedding and told us their story. Growing up Josie and Robbie’s families were friends and so they frequently saw each other. Every summer Josie and her family would travel from Texas to visit with family and friends in Kentucky. Josie and her family moved to Kentucky when she was 16. Robbie and Josie went fishing for their first date. It was from that moment on that they fell for each other and have been together ever since.

Robbie proposed to Josie in their backyard on June 1st after Josie graduated from nursing school. They started planning their wedding when life unexpectedly threw a curve ball at them. A year later they adopted their three nieces. They spent the next five years selflessly focusing on the girls and put the wedding on hold. After 5 years they decided it was time to get married. Josie and Robert decided they wanted to have a small and intimate wedding that focused on the girls and them being a family. So five years to the date that Robbie proposed they were married at Evans Orchard. The ceremony was behind the barn with the rows of apple trees as their backdrop. It was so special to see this beautiful family come together and celebrate their love for Josie and Robbie. After their ceremony, we took Josie and Robbie to do some romantic bride and groom photos in the orchard. It was a perfect way to celebrate each other and the strong love that they had built together with themselves and the girls. We were so thankful to share this special day with them and wish them many years of love, happiness, and adventure.

Wedding Venue: Evans Orchard Event Barn

Hair and Makeup: Planet Salon

Wedding Photographers: Kevin and Anna Photography 

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Source: Kevin & Anna Photography