Kiley and Tyler’s engagement session was at sunrise at the University of Kentucky Arboretum. From the moment we met them we knew we were going to have a good time. They both have a joy about them that is just contagious. We loved the blue spring dress that Kiley chose. It complimented Tyler’s classic button-up shirt and khakis. Through their entire engagement session, they were just glowing from the inside out. We are so excited for their wedding this July in downtown Lexington, KY.

In 2014 Kiley moved to Owensboro for a clinical placement that she had to do for graduate school. During the first week, one of her good friends was getting married. She didn’t have a date and so her friend Courtney told her about her boyfriend’s friend Tyler. Kiley told her friend that she would love to meet him and bring him to the wedding as her date. They all met for drinks before the wedding and had a great time. After the wedding, Tyler took Kiley out on an official date to El Tuscan a Mexican restaurant. Kiley and Tyler dated for about 3 months and then it was time for Kiley to move back to Lexington to finish graduate school. She had so much going on with exams and finishing school that she decided to put a hold on dating and focus on her studies. A little while later Kiley went back to Owensboro to visit some of her friends and she ran into Tyler. They decided to start dating again and have been together ever since.

On Tyler’s birthday, they decided to out to dinner with his parents. After dinner, they were planning to meet friends at a local brewery called CYO. After dinner, they had a little time to spare before meeting up with their friends. He told Kiley he wanted to take their to-go boxes back to the car. Tyler took Kiley the long way around the back of the parking structure. It was really cold and Kiley didn’t understand why they were going that way. As they walked to the car Kiley could see a Gazebo with a table set up with champagne, roses, and a picture of them. When they arrived at the Gazebo Tyer dropped to one knee and asked Kiley to marry him. The engagement ring’s main diamond was from Tyler’s Grandmother’s ring. Tyler had Ulta Gems design the gorgeous setting. Together it made for a stunning and priceless engagement ring! We are so excited to share more of Kiley and Tyler’s love story. Check back in July to see the rest of their love story unfold. 

Engagement Photos by Kevin and Anna Photography

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