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When we meet with brides for consultations, we like to talk to them about their wedding day plans and what they envision for their day.  It helps us to be prepared and get an idea of how we can best serve them.  As we ask them questions, it often makes them realize that there are elements that they haven’t thought about yet and in turn, they want to know our thoughts on the subjects.  We never (!!!) pressure our clients to do things a certain way, however, we are more than happy to give them our opinions on what works best and how to make their wedding day as picturesque and stress-free as possible.  So, over the next several weeks, we are going to blog about some of these parts of the day that you, as a bride, may wonder about.

Question:  Where should we get ready?

Answer:  The answer really depends largely on where your ceremony will be.  However, there are some factors to consider.  When you’re getting ready, most brides want photos of the prep time.  Hair being done, makeup being applied, hanging out with your girls, mom buttoning up the dress…there are lots of fun activities that happen before you even see the groom!  So, here are some things to look for…

Ideally, a room with few distractions is best.  An example of a distracting room would be a Sunday School room, which is often where brides using a church for the ceremony will get ready. The less clutter the better!

A room with windows will provide the most flattering natural light for photos.  Keep the blinds open and the curtains back!  You may want to avoid areas like church basements that have very minimal natural light.

Pretty is always better, right?  Pretty mirrors, nice bedding, attractive wall colors and other decor will definitely add in the overall aesthetics of the experience.  Take Warrenwood Manor, for example.  These photos were shot in the bridal suite at Warrenwood Manor, a stunning wedding venue in Danville, KY.   The lighting is lovely, the mirror is gorgeous and the rest of the decor just adds so much to these simple shots of the bride before she’s even in her gown.

If you are not getting married in a place with a great bridal suite, consider getting ready at a hotel.  21c Museum Hotel is a unique location with great views and lighting.  Also, the Campbell House in Lexington is a beautiful hotel with lots of southern charm and character.  If you can’t foot the bill for an additional getting ready space, you can always get ready at home.  That way you have control over what items are around you and your proximity to windows and doors.  If you are getting married at a church, try to choose a room that has some windows, a nice wall color and as few distractions as possible.  Consider bringing some items from home such as a mirror.  Taking down a few posters from the wall can help tremendously.  Just remember to put them back up afterwards!

If you still have questions about getting ready before your wedding, comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them!  Also, if there’s a topic that you think we should blog about, comment on that!

Photographer:  KM Russell Photography

Venue:  Warrenwood Manor

Model:  Anna Duncan

Hair and MUA:  Emma Eliza Makeup Artistry and Esthetics

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