We are excited to start another series of Vacation Bridal School! It’s 5 weeks long, on Wednesday nights and we talk all things weddings.  You know as you’re laying down to go to sleep and start thinking about who is going to light the candles in the reception venue, what if it rains, all of those fun things, we talk about that and help ease your mind!

We aren’t selling you anything, it’s all education! We feed you dinner each night and have some fun door prizes too. There might be an engagement session from Wes Brown Photography up for grabs too, but you’ll have to come the first night to find out how to win it!

Head over to Vacation Bridal School to RSVP! Oh, PS: It’s FREE to brides and grooms and a one time fee of $5 for any guest that wants to join!

Vacation Bridal School