Hi friends! I’ve got a serious case of the Monday blues today at the Studio. It’s my last week as Sarah’s intern (cue all the tears). Reminiscing on all my time here I have to say it’s been an extremely gratifying semester. As most of the professionals in the wedding industry know, every day is different. The most interesting part of this experience has been coming in each day and not knowing what I’ll be getting into. From extravagant launch parties, to driving from city to city hand-delivering Bridal Bliss Magazines, to meeting new friends, we’ve done it all!

Some important things I’ve learned from Sarah and this whole experience at the studio is to be flexible. I had the pre-conceived notion that this experience would be similar to a 9-5 desk job, HA! I can count on my fingers how many times I have sat at my desk and worked on my computer. For all of you young aspiring professionals- I’ll share the greatest thing I’ve learned from Sarah, networking is everything! The people you work with become your co-workers, accountability system, friends, and family. You get what you give, and each person I have met in this industry always goes above and beyond to make not only the bride and groom’s life easier, but other vendor’s lives better as well. This is a very selfless industry and I have been very humbled by the friendship among these people. From the outside looking in you would think it was a highly competitive industry but in actuality it is a system of friends seeking to lift each other up.

I’m so grateful to have been a part of this family and learn so much I can take with me in every aspect of life, especially the work force. I also really want to thank Ms. Sarah Burton for such an amazing experience and showing me the ropes in this industry. Thanks for following along through my blog posts!!