outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0023Brandy and Andrew’s wedding took place at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky on October 9, 2016. This place is very special to us because it is where we got married back in 2012. When Brandy and Andrew told us that they wanted us to photograph their wedding at Lost River Cave we were beyond excited. We had always wanted to have the opportunity to photograph a wedding there.

Brandy and Andrew first met at Xavier University of Louisiana while they were both in line at the cafeteria.They stayed in touch after graduation and Brandy went and visited Andrew in Chicago after she finished teaching English abroad. Their first date was a double feature at a drive-in movie theater. Andrew is quite the romantic guy and so it was no surprise to hear about how he proposed to Brandy. On their fifth anniversary, Andrew sent Brandy away to enjoy herself at the spa for the entire day. Little did she know that Andrew had covered their condo in candles and covered the walls and windows with art. Andrew proposed to Brandy with his grandmother’s ring. You can read more about the details and see more photos on the blog we did on their engagement session.

Andrew and Brandy’s wedding was held at the epic and historic Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The cave used to be the home of a 1920’s night club, among other things. The ceremony happened at sunset in the forest along a blue underground river that surfaces and flows into the cave. Their reception followed in the cave complete with a hanging chandelier and lit drapery. Brandy and Andrew’s wedding was New Orleans themed with long tables covered in magnolia leaves and lit with lanterns and black lace masks for each of their guests. The masks were used during a New Orleans tradition called a second line. Everyone puts on their masks and dances behind the bride and groom with small umbrellas.  This was a super fun tradition to watch and capture. Nothing beats a dance party in a cave. Friends and family joined them from all over the country to celebrate this sweet and amazing couple. Their wedding was truly gorgeous and we couldn’t have asked for a more amazing couple. Make sure to check out all of the wedding vendors who made this day possible at the bottom of the blog.outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0001 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0002 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0003 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0004 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0005 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0006 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0007 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0008 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0009 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0010 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0011 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0012 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0013 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0014 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0015 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0016 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0017 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0018 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0019 outdoor-wedding-at-lost-river-cave-in-bowling-green-kentucky_0021 Sunset wedding ceremony in the forest and reception in a cave complete with a chandelier and lit drapery at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Photo by: Kevin and Anna Photography www.kevinandannaweddings.com

Lost River Cave 


Wedding Planner and florist: Ivory Grace Event Planning 


DJ: Ron Prieskorn with Preiskorn Productions 


Officiant: Darrin Carkum

Caterer: Kathy Poston 


Cake: The Linen Apron


Hair & Makeup: Friendz Salon and Color Studio 


Wedding Photography: Kevin and Anna Photography



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