Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of working with Doug and Glenn from Doug Smith Designs and Events, and it was amazing! They make magic happen, y’all. I ventured over to the Hilton Lexington/Downtown to help them with floral design for a beautiful wedding. Doug and Glenn are both coordinators and florists in Lexington they bring your dream, Pinterest-esque, wedding décor to life. I learned so much from them during this event, and as a future aspiring wedding coordinator, it was a wonderful opportunity!

Some advice I was given – always give the client more than they ask for or expect. This couldn’t be more true for this wedding. They went above and beyond expectations. They took flowers from their personal stock to make the couple’s vision come to life. The Hilton is a very formal and elegant venue so Doug and Glenn complimented the event with ivory and pale pink flowers along with lots of greenery. The candlelit reception had a combination of long rectangular tables and round tables both accompanied by greenery, candles or floral centerpieces.

Since Doug and Glenn were only doing the flowers and not coordinating this wedding, our job was to flip the ceremony décor into reception décor. This meant a lot of different things. We worked with the Hilton to switch the aisle to a dance floor, decorate guest’s tables and the sweetheart/head table. This took some serious man-power to get done in an hour, but with their experience and guidance made it a stress-free process. They also taught me to pay close attention to detail like which end of the greenery to put on a certain end of the table and how to arrange candles. These are things you don’t notice until the final product of the event is done to perfection.

It was such a wonderful experience to be behind the scenes and see all the hard work come to life. If you have never heard of Doug Smith Designs + Events, I would highly recommend their services. Now let me impress you with some pictures from this wedding!