Happy Friday, everyone!

Today I’m going to give all brides out there some advice about vendor appointments. If you don’t plan on coming, cancel your appointment! As vendors we much prefer brides that have previously made an appointment with us to call and cancel their appointment if they aren’t able to come.

We have found that most no-show appointments aren’t coming because they already found their perfect vendor. Let me tell you something, that’s perfectly okay!! We are more than happy for you! As a wedding vendor, we are here to serve and make sure you’re taken care of. Of course we would love for you to be our bride and welcome you into our family, but we are equally as happy for you if you find your vendor somewhere else.

As wedding vendors we want to give all of our time and devotion to brides that need help finding the certain item. If an appointment calls and cancels ahead of time if they already found their vendor, it gives us time to call another bride on our waiting list and give her a chance to come in instead. This is more of a common courtesy request just like you would do at a doctor or dentist appointment.

Of course there are some circumstances where brides will have something else come up where they aren’t able to attend, or simply forgot about their appointment, in which we can reschedule by knowing ahead of time. Heading into busy season in the wedding industry, we want to assist as many brides as possible. To make this happen, we ask for prior notice and cancelations. We adore each and every one of you, and make it a number one priority to help you in any way we can – so we need you to help us too!