Spotz Gelato Kentucky Wedding Vendor Blog 010We would like to introduce you to Beth Richardson the owner of Spotz Gelato based in Georgetown, Kentucky. They offer handcrafted, small batch gelato and sorbet at festivals and events throughout Central Kentucky. They can also serve at private events, such as weddings, corporate events and family functions. Spotz Gelato can serve outdoors with their charming vintage food trucks or can bring the party indoors with one of their mini-bars. All of their recipes feature Kentucky Proud products, even the milk in their gelato comes from Kentucky cows. Everything is produced at their manufacturing kitchen which is located on their farm in Scott County. A very tasty dessert featuring all local ingredients.Spotz Gelato Kentucky Wedding Vendor Blog 011Spotz Gelato Kentucky Wedding Vendor Blog 002 Spotz Gelato Kentucky Wedding Vendor Blog 003 Here is the story on how Spotz Gelato was started: “In addition to our regular corporate jobs, for several years, my husband, Philip Enlow and I ran a successful hobby farm raising grass fed beef cattle, pastured pigs and vegetables. Through this, we developed a network of farming friends in our area. During the same period, we started vacationing in Central and South America and discovered that the best part of our trips was wandering down the street in the evenings to the local gelato shop. Because we soon learned that the best gelato is made with the local, fresh ingredients, we wondered why we couldn’t replicate the great gelato we had on our trips with Kentucky products. After a lot of trial and error, we started taking the gelato we learned to make at home to potlucks and family gatherings. One too many people suggested we should sell it and the rest is history. Three charming food trucks and numerous awards later, we are still tickled pink to do what we do!”

Spotz Gelato would definitely be a fun addition to your upcoming wedding. They can be used during cocktail hour as a great distraction for your guests while you are finishing your pictures or setting up the venue for your reception. Spotz Gelato can also be served at dessert time, either with a traditional cake or as a substitute for cake. Ice cream also serves as an amazing wedding favor for your guests at the end of the night. The great thing about hiring Spotz Gelato for your wedding is that you get to choose the flavors from their list of favorites or you can even work with them to develop a custom flavor for your big day! They love developing new recipes using fresh, local items that are in season.

Spotz Gelato Kentucky Wedding Vendor Blog 004 Spotz Gelato Kentucky Wedding Vendor Blog 005Be sure to head on over to Spotz Gelato’s website and learn more about what they do.


Phone: (502)682-3750

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Photos by: Kevin and Anna Photography

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