We share a special connection with Laura & Trevor because we both met our significant others at a rock climbing gym. Laura was visiting Michigan on a work assignment when she met Trevor at the local climbing gym there. After climbing together for a couple days, Trevor asked her out on a date to watch fireworks over the Detroit River on the 4th of July. Trevor knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Laura and so he purchased an engagement ring. One weekend they decided to go hiking and drove two hours to Linville Falls in North Carolina. Once they hiked down to the base of the waterfall, Laura asked someone to take their picture with her phone. At that moment when Laura turned her back to Trevor to get her phone back, Trevor dropped down to one knee. Laura slowly turned back around and to her surprise found Trevor down on one knee asking “will you marry me?”. Emotion overtook Laura and she could not stop from crying, surprised and overwhelmed by joy. Trevor had chosen the perfect spot to ask Laura to spend his forever with her.

Trevor and Laura’s Red River Gorge engagement session was an all day adventure. We started off the day by hiking into Muir Valley, a popular rock climbing area in the the Red River Gorge. After a fun day of climbing we headed to Miguel’s Pizza for some ALE8 and their world famous pizza. Afterwards we took Trevor and Laura to one of our favorite hiking trails in the Red River Gorge.  The trail leads to a beautiful waterfall called Creation Falls and an amazing arch formation called Rock Bridge. Before we knew it, the sun was fading and we raced out of the forrest and drove to Mill Creek Lake for sunset. We can’t wait for our next adventure with them at the Cliffview Resort in August for their wedding. Stay tuned for the blog on our next adventure with Trevor and Laura as we hike to a special location for photos on their wedding day!Red River Gorge Engagement Session (July 2016)_0001 Red River Gorge Engagement Session (July 2016)_0002 Red River Gorge Engagement Session (July 2016)_0003 Red River Gorge Engagement Session (July 2016)_0004 Red River Gorge Engagement Session (July 2016)_0005 Red River Gorge Engagement Session (July 2016)_0006 Red River Gorge Engagement Session (July 2016)_0007

Engagement Photos by: Kevin and Anna Photography


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