Have you heard of Beautiful You Medical Spa? If so, you’re really awesome. If not, you’re about to and then also be really awesome.

Beautiful You Medical Spa is a Lexington owned spa providing in a vast array of treatments; from as simple as a facial to as complex as Botox and laser hair removal. Any services you can imagine can be provided to you by this incredible team and lucky enough, to visit them you can check out their brand new location!

 I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of Beautiful You Med Spa’s brand new location last night (I even dragged my new hubby along, he loved it!). Located at 3801 Dylan Place, Suite 110, the salon is spacious, modern and impeccably decorated. Each room is designated for a specific service and has high ceilings, a beautiful chandelier and a big comfy chair.

IMG_4500 IMG_4503

Even with the wonderful turnout (at some points, we couldn’t move because of the number of people!) we still were able to snag a quick massage from one of the two wonderful massage therapists! It was a wonderful 10 minutes! When we were through and looked up, the line was out the door! Beautiful You Medical Spa was also generous to raffle off one or more of almost every service they provided. Lucky me, I walked away with a one hour massage!!

IMG_4504Thank you Beautiful You Medical Spa for your wonderful grand opening of your location. Your generosity of food, hospitality and gifts were so wonderful! We wish you lots of business and good luck in your beautiful new location! Thanks again for my awesome prize!

Interested in more information in Beautiful You Medical Spa? Find more information on their Facebook page or on their website.


Lots of love,