It feels like just yesterday I was coming in to interview with Sarah and now i’m heading into my last few days at Simply Love Studio! This semester has been such a fun and rewarding experience in so many ways, not to mention a few surprises thrown into the mix! Sarah and Simply Love have given me the chance to to experience every aspect of the wedding world from cakes, food, and even venues for potential bachelor and bachelorette parties!

When I first started this internship I honestly thought I would be doing a lot of writing and office type work considering my Communications major, but I was able to experience so many different tasks that go into putting together a wedding. My absolute favorite day from the semester was working at Venue Hop. This experience allowed me to see so many different vendors and honestly got me interested in looking into a career in event planning.

Sarah has been such an amazing mentor and I can’t thank her enough for making this experience so fun and meaningful. While I never expected to sit in on two different tapings with Deann Stephens or drink bourbon before noon on a Monday, 🙂 I’m so happy I was able to spend my last semester of college with Simply Love!