Today Sarah asked me to find one photo from one of the studio’s photography vendors and say something about it. At first I thought this might be  difficult task because all wedding photos are beautiful and touching, but I quickly found one that stood out to me.

The above photograph comes from Honey Heart Photography and when I saw it, I instantly fell in love. When we think of wedding photos we often picture the bride and groom in a loving embrace, or the bride looking off to the side holding her bouquet. The groom isn’t usually the star of these photo shoots. Therefore when I saw this picture featuring the groom, I thought it was such a nice feature at widely a bride focused event.

This picture perfectly captures the grooms expression as he sees his bride for the first time. This moment is always my favorite to watch at weddings because nothing is more genuine or sentimental than seeing a man come alive as he sees his soon to be wife coming down the aisle. Honey Heart Photography did an amazing job capturing this moment.

For more information on Honey Heart Photography visit their website at!/HOME