When you’re eager to sell your house, you have to be willing to clean it out, spruce it up, and strip it down to the basic essentials. Staging a house helps it sell, as potential buyers are able to visualize themselves living there without their imagination clouded by your abundance of personal belongings.

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Powerful First Impression

The exterior appearance of your home is a huge factor when it comes to staging. The amount of curb appeal your home has determines whether potential buyers want to view the inside. Increase the visual appeal of your home’s exterior by applying a fresh coat of paint, washing the windows, and cleaning up landscaping to give an open feel. Transform any porch or patio into a welcoming spot with outdoor furniture, adequate lighting, and a fresh wash or stain.

Sparkling Interior

Following curb appeal, the clean appearance of your home the moment buyers walk inside is essential. Every surface from windows to floors should be sparkling clean, so buyers see potential without dirty distractions. When this step feels too daunting, hire professionals including carpet, upholstery, and drapery cleaners to help.

Banish Clutter

The idea of clearing away all the clutter in your home seems impossible, but if you’re serious about staging well, it’s a vital step. It’s difficult to give up items that reflect your personal style, but you must remember that your style won’t appeal to all potential buyers. Find homes for the extra non-essential items in a storage unit or friend’s garage to avoid over-stuffing your closets or basements.

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Clean, Organized Closets

In the spirit of banishing clutter, keep your closets as organized and un-cluttered as possible while retaining their functionality. While potential buyers want to see how items fit in a closet, they don’t want to see the space so crammed full they can’t tell how big the space is. Keep your closets 70% full or less to give them a spacious feeling and to enable buyers to view the shelves, rods, and drawers available for storage.

Just Enough Play

When you live in a family-friendly area, potential buyers expect to find a home where children are already settled in and happy. Convey how suitable your home is for a new family in an appealing way by putting toys away in organized storage and storing the excess off-site. Revealing an intelligently organized children’s room helps another family picture their little ones playing there.

Balance Comfort with Function

Few buyers want to live in a home that feels stagnant and unwelcoming, so it’s vital that you stage your home in a way that balances comfort with function. While eliminating clutter, make sure you keep certain elements that give a home a lived-in feel, such as baskets of fruit in the kitchen and vases of fresh flowers on the dining room table. These serve as reminders that a real family still lives there and uses it daily.

Strategic Interior Design

Even though your home has had the same room layouts since you moved in, that doesn’t mean it shows potential buyers the best use of square footage. Arrange living room furniture in pairs to create conversation spaces and move furniture out from walls to avoid the space feeling too heavy. Consider repainting the walls in neutral colors, so buyers can picture their own hue preferences on the walls without overly bright or dark shades blinding them. The right neutrals are the perfect canvas for buyers’ personal design style.

With home staging that includes everything from outside appearance to interior character, you increase the potential of selling your home quickly and at asking price.

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