It absolutely amazes me how many details go into wedding planning. From the biggest things like the venue, food, and photography to the smallest of details, like what color your candles should be and if you want place cards or not. While the biggest aspects of the wedding can take precedent over everything else, it is so important not to forget the small details that actually turn into big things! Here are a few concepts and ideas I think are often forgotten or not even considered during the planning process that should at least considered for the big day.

-When it comes to your day of look, the first things that come to mind are your hair, nails, and make-up, but you can’t forget about your skin! Whether you are getting professional facials or doing an at home treatment, make sure you skin is glowing and beautiful for the big day. Also, don’t try to new products during the two weeks leading up to your wedding, especially if you have sensitive skin.

-Many couples think that hiring a videographer isn’t important. I mean you’ll be there living it and you have a photographer, you’ll remember everything. Let’s be real. You will be seeing so many people, taking lots of pictures, and have tons of emotion flowing that day. It can be super easy to forget some of the most important details that can be caught by hiring a videographer. Plus, it will allow you to relive the day over and over again!

-Appoint an official “texter” or phone handler for the day. The day of your wedding is going to be a busy day. The last thing you need to do is worry about the amount of texts, calls, and Facebook notifications you’ll be getting. By allowing someone else to handle your phone for the day, they can answer calls about directions and make sure last-minute details are taken care of while you relax and can take in the day you have been waiting for.

-Speaking of last-minute details, a day of coordinator is also a great idea to think about. They can handle anything and everything that day, so you don’t have to. The coordinator will see to the decor being set up properly, getting the bridal party lined up and down the aisle, and making sure the ceremony events go exactly how you want them to. It’ll take a whole lot of pressure off of you.

Your wedding day will always be something you remember and want to look back on. Make sure you remember the little things that will make the day less stressful and more memorable!