Last night was the final night of the Fall 2014 Bridal Benchmark Series (major sad face). Here are a few of the things that were highlighted during the program on its ending night.

-When booking your honeymoon, you should definitely consider working with a travel agent. They can help you score the best deals with their knowledge of whom to buy with and when to buy. In many cases, agents can be extremely affordable because they are paid by commission rather than individuals using them. Travel agents can often times get you a deal or an upgrade that you might not be able to get yourself because of their connections. They can also help you get the most for your money by helping you find the best deals for the budget you are on. Looking into a travel agent is something that should be considered when booking not only a honeymoon, but an anniversary vacation or any other big trip!

-The idea of premarital counseling shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing!  Counselors and other practitioners sometimes host couples retreats where you can meet up with other couples and talk about things that are often not discussed before getting married. It’s like meeting your significant other all over again sometimes.

-If you are thinking about starting a family immediately after getting married or waiting a few years, you should definitely look into the prevention of spina bifida with the use of folic acid during pregnancy. It is an important step to keep those precious babies healthy!

-Wedding videography is becoming more and more popular. Other than your pictures, this is one of the few tangible things you will have of your big day afterwards. Meeting with your videographers and letting them get to know you and your partner will help them to capture your special day. Like with all other wedding vendors, ask to see a sample of their work and see if it fits your personality and style.

I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity I had to hear the vendors talk and share such valuable information about the wedding industry. I know the brides were too, as they left no complaints about any of the fabulous vendors the studio has. If you missed out on this series or happen to get engaged anytime soon, do not fret. There will be another Bridal Benchmark Series coming in 2015, so keep checking back for those dates. Of course, whatever point of the year you get engaged, call and schedule an appointment with Sarah to help get your planning process started!