Being a part of Simply Love Studio has given me a lot of opportunities to network with other amazing Kentucky wedding vendors. For me it’s important to know what’s going on in the wedding industry so that when my brides and grooms have questions or need referrals I have options for them.

While I don’t believe I actually been face to face with anyone at Geno’s Formal Affair yet, they blew my mind at our last wedding. I don’t say that lightly, as a company they went above and beyond what could be expected.

Here’s the scene. Time is slipping away and we’re getting a little behind on timeline because of some late arrivals. The groom is getting into his tuxedo when he realizes his pants don’t fit. Don’t get me wrong, the measurements were perfect, but the “style” was almost a “skinny jean”. I would go so far as to say the “skinniest jean”.

It did not look comfortable.

Of course, the groom should’ve tried them on earlier, but when we’re in a wedding day it’s not about pointing fingers…it’s about fixing problems.

In a bit of a panic I texted Sarah from Simply Love. Geno’s had just came on as vendor and I thought she’d have a way to get us in touch with somebody.

(The wedding industry works much better as a team people.)

She shot me a number and I got the mother of the groom on the phone with Geno’s warehouse.

My hope was that she would be able to go pick up a different pair of pants and then return both. I was afraid that they would require them to be brought back for exchange. While all this is happening, my second shooter has went to get his “back up pants” out of the car to see if the blacks matched and if the groom could wear them.

Then it happened.

Geno’s tells the mother of the groom that they’ll have a delivery guy there within a half hour with pants. Are you kidding me? That’s next level service right there.

However, my story is not complete.

We shot around the pants while everyone was getting ready and went outside to start portraits when a van pulled up with a very nice gentleman with a new pair of pants. Not seconds before the van came to a stop, one of the groomsmen lost a button on his jacket. The driver says “No problem. I’ll run back and get you another jacket.”

He took the size and was off. While we pinned the jacket so we could keep shooting and get back on schedule.

During this time we discover we need a new shirt for the ring bearer. I actually never heard what the problem was there, but with ring bearers nothing would surprise me. Little boys are little boys. :)

They called, the driver grabbed a shirt on the way out with the jacket.

The truth is things happen on wedding days. They just do. There’s almost no amount of planning that can be done to eliminate every single possibility because there’s no way to know all the things that could go wrong. I’ve seen everything from flowers dying, brides not fitting into their dress, and even marriage licenses thrown away by accident.

The key is having great vendors that know how to work through problems so that hopefully no one knows. Our bride for this wedding didn’t have a clue until the groom was putting on the new pants that there was a problem. What good would it do to panic a bride, especially when we were all fixing the issue.

So, if you’re looking for formal rentals…I think there’s only one real answer.

Geno’s Forma Affair