Today we were lucky enough to be a part of the always amazing Bridal Bliss Classic bridal show. The only real draw back to these kind of shows is that there are so many wonderful people that we see in such a small amount of time that we might not get to touch on everything.

So I wanted to take a minute to not only thank you for stopping by our site after stopping by, but hit a few points in case I didn’t get a chance to go as in depth in speaking with you as I would like. I’m a “relationship” guy when it comes to weddings, so the fast pace of a bridal show comes off more like speed dating.

Here are some things you should probably check out.

All of our wedding packages have the following:

  • Variable amounts of time (starting at 8 hours coverage)
  • 2 photographers
  • A complimentary photography session (most used as an engagement session)
  • A canvas print
  • Digital files with a print and web release

As you upgrade packages you bring in larger canvases, more time, and wedding albums.

Common Questions

“How do we have you hold our date?”
Our dates are held with a non-refundable $1,000 retainer and a signed agreement. The retainer is applied to your package.

“We already have engagement photos. Can we take that out of the package?”
You are more than welcome to not utilize the photography session, but as it is a gift it will not effect your package pricing. If you do have engagement photographs already, I would suggest using it on a bridal session.

“What’s a bridal session?”
Here’s an idea of what it is and here are some examples

“Are you insured?”

“What are print and web releases? Can we have copyrights?”
A lot of people ask about copyright, but really all they are wanting are print/web releases. These releases give you usage rights to print as many of your photographs, as many times as you like, any time you like. As well as allowing you to post the photographs to websites, Facebook, etc. Really, that’s all a couple will ever really need. A lot of photographers talk about giving up “copyright” incorrectly. As a photographer the copyright on an image is something we should never part with. 

“Do you charge travel fees?”
While we are based out of Somerset, KY, we do not charge travel fees for Lexington, KY or many of the surrounding areas. Our general rule is that unless it requires us to stay overnight then we don’t need to worry about any fees. 

“What are your prices?”
As much as I hate handing out pricing without the ability to sit and talk everything over in a one on one situation, we did hand out pricing at today’s event. If for some reason you didn’t receive one, please let me know. As a baseline, our wedding packages begin at $2,400.

“Are you available for my date?”
There’s only 1 way to find out! Let’s talk about your wedding day.

Book your wedding day!