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When most people hear the term “wedding album” they have an entirely different image in their mind than what the wedding photography industry has moved towards. Long gone are the times where we would slide 4×6′s or 5×7′s into sleeves to flip through.

Your wedding day deserves something more substantial than that to document such an important moment in your lives. On the day of your wedding you are starting a family and your wedding album can become your first family heirloom. I wish I had more photographs of my grandparents, let alone their wedding.

We want to create something that tells your story to anyone who was unable to attend your wedding. Tell that story is important to us.

Let me introduce you to what we mean by wedding album.

140118-154934-7552-Whitney Album-_X100S- SocialOur albums are handcrafted over time with fine Italian leather covers. Each spread is designed by us to balance telling the story and wanting to show off your photographs. The printing is done as a single spread on archival quality Fuji paper. What that means is that these prints are made to last. They are affixed to thick substrate to keep each spread from bending. How thick? Roughly the same thickness of a quarter. This keeps accidental bends to a minimum. The binding is done as to allow the images to lay flat with a very minimal crease down the center as opposed to the center curving when you open a normal book.

It seems like every time I hand one of our brides one of their albums I immediately think “Mannnnnnn, I should got photos of that first.” This time I thought enough to grab a few quick snaps before I left. When our new demo album arrives I’ll put together a little deeper look. With a client album they’re usually delivered, quick quality check, and gone because brides are ready for them.

Below you will find a slideshow of the actual spreads from the album as they were ordered. That should give you a good idea as to how we try to tell the story of your day.

Click to view slideshow.