Congratulations to Ashley & Josh on a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at Cave Hill Vineyard! A lovely couple, a storybook backdrop, and a thunderstorm…err…hold on.

Yes it did rain. It rained hard. I’m talking about the kind of rain where we thought we might have to start collecting animals two by two. The moral of the story however is that everything works out in the end on a wedding day.

Ashley and Josh had planned for their 1st look earlier in the day, so we had ample time to get all of our photographs finished ahead of time. In reality, I had clicked the shutter on the last non ceremony/reception photograph we need for the day about 30 seconds before the 1st rain drops hit.

We all weathered the storm and then were treated to quite possibly some of the best lighting, most lush colors, and overal dreamlike setting I’ve seen. The rain made the greens just that much greener and the air had a glow in it. I’m not sure it would’ve been this stunning if it hadn’t of rained.

Above your seen their slideshow and below you will find some of our favorites from the day.  Thank you to Cave Hill Vineyard for a terrific backdrop for this wedding.
0158_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_0189_Details- Social
0200_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_0312_Preperation- Social
0209_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_0340_Preperation- Social
0227_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_3580_1stLook- Social
0234_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1162_1stLook- Social
0239_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_0396_1stLook- Social
0240_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1168_1stLook- Social
0242_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1170_1stLook- Social
0243_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1172_1stLook- Social
0244_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1176_1stLook- Social
0245_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1179_1stLook- Social
0252_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_3604_1stLook- Social
0257_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1185_1stLook- Social
0270_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_0418_1stLook- Social
0279_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1241_Portraits- Social
0309_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1321_Portraits- Social
0316_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1327_Portraits- Social
0348_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1366_Details- Social
0460_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1476_Ceremony- Social
0516_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1592_Ceremony- Social
0518_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1596_Ceremony- Social
0536_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1628_Ceremony- Social
0562_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1665_Ceremony- Social
0580_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_0715_Ceremony- Social
0597_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1730_Ceremony- Social
0625_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1773_Ceremony- Social
0632_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1793_Ceremony- Social
0654_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1840_Ceremony- Social
0667_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_1867_Ceremony- Social
0670_ASHLEY_JOSH_WEDDING-20130601_4341_Ceremony- Social

Ashley & Josh

Thank you for letting us to take part in your wedding day. Your friends and family couldn’t have been more helpful and easy to work with. We hope you cherish your photographs for the rest of your days and are able to relive what was truly a beautiful wedding.


Wes, Chrissa, & everyone with Wes Brown Photography