When I was a little girl I didn’t plan to grow up to be a caterer.  In fact, when I first started catering I said I wasn’t going to do weddings.  That just goes to show how it is never a good idea to say never.   Today, weddings make up about 80% of my business, and so I spend a lot of time talking with bride’s about their special day.

My job as a caterer is to provide the food, but in many ways, I end up doing much more.  I end up talking with couple’s about the time of day.  If they are having a morning wedding (yes, people do, and there are many reasons, that we will get to in a later post), an afternoon wedding, or an evening wedding.

We talk about photos.  Not who is my favorite photographer (I do have a few), but more importantly, we are talking about if the couple is doing photos before hand.  If you are, fabulous.  If you are not, that is fine too, but we need to make arrangement to entertain your guests while you are off getting your picture taken.

We talk about budget.  Let’s be honest almost no one has a “price is no object,” attitude, and even if it is there in the beginning, by the time we get closer to the day of, most people’s wallets are a little shell shocked.

We talk about the venue.  We have caterered at most of the venues available in central Kentucky, and the facilities vary tremendously.   Some have running water, some not.  Some have fabulous catering kitchens, some require we bring in everything from tents, to tables, to ovens.

It is my job as a caterer to help my clients make informed decisions that make sense for the wedding they want.

So here are a few of my favorite inspiration weddings:

Picnic barn wedding

I love the barn.  This isn’t from central Kentucky, but there are dozens of venues that will give you this wonderful feel.  I love the food.  It is a perfect early summer menu, berries, watermelon.  I love it when we can be seasonal.  It is a good decision for the budget but even more so for the flavor.  Nothing beats local berries and melons.  I hate it when a bride is set on having fresh fruit in January.  It’s just not the same.

Smp brunch

And I love this from style me pretty.  The bright citrus colors are fabulous and the food looks divine.  And who doesn’t love breakfast.

Have a great day and Bon Appetit!