From our Bride Blogger Sara Jill, 10 reasons why you should come to Bridal Benchmark!

1) It’s a feel good event, sure to make Wednesday one of your favorite and most-anticipated days of the week!
2) Create lasting friendships with the other brides!
3) One on one talks with awesome vendors! (You can feel free to pick a part their brain… In fact, they encourage it!)
4) Crafts that are great ideas for the DIY Bride! (Which we all are to some point!)
5) New and creative ideas for your wedding from those who have been there and have seen it all!
6) Getting filled up on incredible food vendors bring for you to try and of course…Tinker’s cake samples!
7) There are extremely cool door prizes and favors (Everyone will walk away with something!)
8) You get the inside scoops on money-saving tips from Lexington area vendors!
9) A girl’s night to chit-chat, discuss, and VENT some of your wedding joys and issues! Everyone there knows what you’re going through and can relate!
10) It’s FUN!