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Vacation Bridal School

We have two series of events here at Simply Love Studio!  We have our Vacation Bridal School series, which is a 5 week series where we discuss just about everything you need to know about planning your wedding.  From the budget break down to planning the honeymoon.  Our fall 2017 Vacation Bridal School will start August 30th at 6pm!

Bridal Benchmark

Check out some of the past Vacation Bridal School pictures on our facebook page!

Still not sure? Watch our video here!

Venue Hop

Hop on a limo or party bus for an afternoon and let us chauffeur you around town to check out the hottest venues Lexington has to offer! You’ll tour 4 or 5 venues, meet about 30 of the most well-known and respected vendors, sip champagne, eat scrumptious food and leave with a swag bag, what’s not love?! Our next Venue Hop will be in spring 2018.

Gold Shield Party Bus

Check out our Venue Hop video here!