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Sharing a Space

Sharing a Space

Whether you and your fiance will be moving in together upon your engagement, upgrading from an apartment to a house to start this new chapter of your life, or moving to a new area, many couples’ addresses change when they get married. Moving is stressful, and house hunting while wedding planning can give even the most laid-back brides and grooms a bit of anxiety. When you move into your new house, condo or apartment, you do not want that feeling of stress to translate into your living situation. For a guide to a few pieces that will keep your new home beautiful, functional and convenient, check out our tips below.

1.) Smart TV

In the streaming age, it is now easier than ever to watch your favorite shows or movies with your fiance or spouse – until you have to figure out the HDMI cord situation. For an easy way to consolidate your Amazon, HBO, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube accounts and be able to eliminate cords from your viewing experience, you two should put a smart tv in your entertaining area. This will not only be helpful for movie nights and binge-watching sessions, but it will also serve as easy entertainment when guests are over.

2.) Slow Cooker

In the United States, nearly ⅔ of families with children have dual incomes, and the percentage of dual income couples skyrockets to nearly 100 percent when families without children are polled. Because so many partners both work full time, many couples do not have hours to spend cooking a nutritious dinner on weekdays. To encourage you both to eat healthy meals every day, a slow cooker is an easy, safe way to make food when you can not be standing right by your stove or oven

3.) Vacuum

Owning or renting your own home means that there will always be a mess somewhere for you or your spouse to clean. This is especially important when re-arranging furniture, when guests are coming over, and during allergy-prone times of year like spring and summer. To keep your new home dust-free and clean of germs and bacteria, a powerful vacuum is a must for every home.

4.) Kitchen Table

Families and friends have gathered together over meals for thousands of years, from medieval feasts to modern day birthday dinners and casual get-togethers. One way to encourage daily face-to-face conversation with your new spouse is to pick out a kitchen or dining room table together and eat at least one meal a day with each other at the table. This will translate well if you two have children, too, as they will grow up spending quality time with their parents in a positive, relaxed environment.

5.) Rain Shower Head

While indoor plumbing and electricity are musts in every home, shortly behind those on a list of needs for most home buyers and renters is a bathroom sanctuary. While bathroom renovations in an older construction can cost upwards of $10,000, a simple, quick way to give your home’s bathroom a luxury feel is to swap out its current shower head for a rain shower head. This can be installed in under an hour and will give you years of comfort and relaxation in your shower.

6.) Photographs

No house becomes a home without personal touches from its owners. A way to show off your personality and add sentimental value to your home is to decorate it with photos of you and your spouse, your families and your friends. For professional photo printing that you will want to adorn all of your walls with and a way to catalogue your photos, check out these print options from Shutterfly.

At the end of the day, the most important part of your new home is that you are sharing it with your fiance or spouse. There are countless upgrades that can be made to your home to make it better looking or more functional, and your happy marriage will serve as a wonderful foundation for creating a home together.

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