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Barn Renovation Update: It’s a Mess!

Barn Renovation Update: It’s a Mess!

So if you haven’t heard, the renovation of the wedding barn at Warrenwood Manor is in full swing! The addition to the barn will include men’s and women’s restrooms as well as a prep area for caterers. A new roof is also going to be put on the original barn, a structure which we believe dates back to the late 1800s or early 1900s. As we’ve renovated the barn, every effort has been made to keep as much of the original character as possible, while making it a more functional event space that meets or exceeds all state building and plumbing codes. Doing so has been an adventure!

Wedding Barn Renovation

Rain, Rain Go Away!

I love a good rainy day here and there, but for the sake of this barn renovation, the rain has got to stop! Everything is so muddy you can hardly walk around the barn and there’s no way the guys can even do much of anything outside, much less get on the roof. Just curious, I looked up the weather for this month and what’s yet to come…

Renovation Update: Weather

Not one day of sunshine? Are you serious? I realize I just took up half the blog post with this, but c’mon! We have a roof to put on people!

Always Thankful

Let me just say, my crew is the best! These guys have been working in terrible weather, putting in long hours and they’re always just in such great spirits. You never really know what you’re going to get when you hire people, but thankfully, I couldn’t have ask for a better crew to work with! I even get a little sappy when I think about it because they just take such good care of me and always try to do the best they can. Thankful for all the hard workers in my life.

renovation updates

The concrete slab for the addition was poured just before Christmas and since then everything has been moving so fast! The walls are framed in, the roof is on, windows are in, and electrical and plumbing are roughed in. This past week we had electrical and plumbing inspectors visit and both signed off of the project. Yay! Now time to put some insulation in those walls!

Wedding barn renovation update

I’ve been working on selecting finishes for the project. I decided to go super dark in the men’s restroom, so hopefully it looks good! Not that they’ll really care. My guy doesn’t even notice stuff like that. But, for the girls who notice everything, we’re going super girly with a pale pink kind of blush color on the walls, with white and brushed nickel finishes. I ordered both sets of mirrors from Antique Farmhouse and I just love them! I also ordered commercial changing tables, toilet paper holders, and paper towel dispensers. Not quite as fun as picking out paint colors and vanity fixtures. Below is a quick Instagram pic of all the fun goodies coming together.

Wedding Barn Renovation Finishes

I really had intended to blog more about the wedding barn renovations, but there’s just been so much to do and it has gone so fast the whole project will be completed before you know it! And that’s a good thing! Check back soon for an announcement on a date for our Spring Open House. You won’t want to miss this!

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