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First week of Vacation Bridal School!

Did you know the average Kentucky wedding costs around $18,000? This is just one of the many things we learned in the first week of Vacation Bridal School! We spent our first week learning from a variety of seven vendors and got spoiled with Type A Catering for dinner!

We had around 21 brides attend and even some grooms! Diane from Type A Catering, gave a wonderful introduction by telling couples all about budget, food and bar. She had a detailed power point showing all the important things to keep your wedding guests happy! 

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Towards the end of Diane’s power point, she mentioned something I thought was very important and (for some of us) hard at times to remember. “Don’t fall in love with a picture…it might not fit your budget!” Just because you see a cute picture on Pinterest does not mean it has to be done that way. There is different ways to make your day special for a lower price. Keep an open mind! 

Wedding Wonderland displayed one of their dresses and explained how they make brides experiences special. They allowed couples to ask all kinds of questions ranging from pricing to how many guests to bring when looking for a dress. They gave tips on what kind of materials would work better for different seasonal weddings. 


Beautiful You Medical Spa told us about all the services they offer. They gave our brides some amazing tips for pre-wedding regiments and even handed out a free facial!

Did you know that Kentucky doubles the average for children born with Spina Bifida? The Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky, taught our brides how important folic acid is. Women can reduce this risk by 70% if they take the correct amount of folic acid everyday. They even handed out some free samples!

Clear Pro DJ talked about how big of a difference there is between a DJ and an iPod. They also gave us a few helpful reminders about things such as making sure the minister has a microphone.

Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa spoke all about how and when to book your venue. They touched on specific questions to ask when you’re finding the perfect venue for your day. They also reminded couples of how important it is to remember how many guests you will have attending when finding a venue. (Try not to pack everyone you know in a closet size room) 

Wes Brown Photography

Wes Brown Photography was a great ending to say the least. Wes is an amazing photographer with a great sense of humor! He told brides step by step what their big day would be like with him. He gave his expert opinion on how to pick the right photographer for you. We even had a couple book him right after VBS! How exciting! 


All around our first week of Vacation Bridal School was a success! Everyone received swag bags filled with lots of goodies, wedding tips, The Knot magazine and Kentucky Bride magazine. Sarah and I look forward to seeing these lovely couples every week! 


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