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Intern Introduction!

Intern Introduction!

Hey there! My name is Meghan Rafferty. I have proudly been “bleeding blue” for about four years now at the University of Kentucky. As I get settled into my senior year, I am excited to be the fall intern for Simply Love Studio!


Where is “home”?

I am originally from Chicago, IL. Spending my past four years in Lexington has taught me many things but one for sure; Illinois is not the state for me. Kentucky might not be my forever home but living here has taught me that there is so much more to life than the Windy City. When it comes to being sick or excessive amounts of laundry, being six hours away from home can be inconvenient. However, when it came down to making my own decisions and having my own bathroom, being six hours away was everything I needed.


What drew me to weddings?

It was simple really. My Mom, Rhelda, has worked for Lenox China for about 12 years now. Setting displays, traveling with her to bridal shows, and visiting almost every mall in the Chicago land area, I have been drawn to the wedding world since I was young. Being part of the wedding world means working with all different kinds of couples. Realizing this helped me in the direction of picking my major, which is Family Science with a minor in Psychology.

How did I find this wonderful opportunity?

I found Simply Love Studio by simply googling “Lexington Wedding Planners”. After speaking to peers, reading up on reviews, and speaking to other professionals, I knew Sarah was the one I could learn the most from. Although Simply Love Studio is not your “typical” wedding planner, I feel that I am learning so much more by meeting different vendors and a variety of cliental.

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What is important to me?

I would say the most important lesson I have learned (so far) in my college experience would be to not take anything for granted. Especially the “little things” in life. Things such as getting to sleep in, to finding a $5 bill on the ground can make or break your days. Along with appreciating the little things, don’t sweat the “big things” in life. Starting with drama, being Chapter President of my sorority I have learned that is nearly impossible to please everyone and someone will always have a different opinion. I have witnessed too many friendships fall apart because of petty drama. Learning to walk away from certain situations has helped me immensely in the long run.

Second, don’t let one person ruin your experience. From bad friends to mean boyfriends, there is always going to be someone to drag you down. Don’t let them. Figure out who is important in your life and who will be there to support you. There is a lot of amazing people in the world, if you find them, cherish them. Be the friend you would want to have. Be the girlfriend you would want your brother to date. Be the student you would want to teach. All around be the best person you can be!

Third, don’t change your beliefs just because one person told you no. Freshman year I was a terrible public speaker, I could barely speak in front of 5 people. By my junior year, I was leading 175 young women. According to my freshman year communications teacher, this would never be possible for me.

Lastly, everything happens for a reason. I have learned the hard way that this is 100% true. This can be hard to see at times when I’m running late or get a $25 parking ticket for being ONE inch over the yellow line. BUT, I always remind myself that there is a hidden reason behind everything. Good things fall apart so better things can fall together.


Besides interning, attending UK, and nannying on weeknights, I am your typical 21 year old. I believe that brunching with my best gal pals cures all heartbreaks and occasionally binging on Netflix will not be the worst thing I do.

I hope to one-day help couples the way Sarah has helped them in their experience of a lifetime!


Meghan Rafferty

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