The Thoroughbred Center was our first vendor of week 3! Our brides were very interested on their first topic, the top five things brides regret. It’s easy to forget the “little details” when planning your big day! Amy Jackson, Event Coordinator there told our couples all about the distinction between outdoor and indoor ceremonies. They covered everything that their venue offers for the “typical wedding experience”.

TB center

Tip: Let your guests know what kind of experience they will be having! If your ceremony or reception will be outside and there is a chance it will rain (you never know with Kentucky) let them know that 5-inch pumps wont be the best idea.

Ed and James from KY Sounds were up next!  They always have the best attitude and they are very knowledgeable about the wedding world! They told couples about what kind of “feel” to look for when selecting a DJ and music for both ceremony and reception. They gave their professional opinion and some laugh out loud stories of bad experiences they’ve had with outdoor weddings. Being in business for about five years now, they had a lot of great advice for our couples. Little tips such as what the last dance will look like can go a long way! It’s easy to forget these small details but the last song could be considered not only the ending to your wedding but the big send off into marriage!

We were excited to hear from Equilateral Productions because they were our first videographer to speak. Josh Kelly discussed styles, approaches, travel fees, stationed camera and so much more! One of the more important topics he covered was the “highlight video” that more and more couples are doing now a day. He explained why these are important and how every videographer will capture these moments differently. There is no such thing as “too specific” for your wedding day.

Check out some of Equilateral Productions work!

Christy Leaver, LCSW, is a pre-marital social worker that helps couples connect in ways they have not before. She educated our couples on the tools and skills they need to continue a healthy relationship. Christy focuses more on the process rather than the content. She truly is the “life insurance of marriage”.

Jessie Ladipo from Trips to Cherish taught our couples how to achieve the perfect honeymoon experience! Jessie started out as a wedding planner and now strictly plans romantic trips. She is very knowledgeable about almost everything travel related. From hotels to sight seeing, she gave our couples some wonderful tips!


Tinker’s Cake Shop provided us with some delicious treats! Shop owner Cameron brought various cake examples and we even got to sample three different flavors of the miniature cupcakes. Our grooms enjoyed looking at all the different ideas for their groom’s cake! I have to say the award winning strawberry cream ones were my favorite! My roommates have never been more thankful for leftovers! 🙂


We ended week 3 with a live performance from 2 Cool Band! They played 4 songs and even some requests from our couples! Such a fun week!!


Can’t wait till next Wednesday! We are getting closer and closer to our big giveaway! (Free engagement session with Wes Brown Photography)