Wow! What a summer!

This internship has been one of the most fulfilling experiences! I have loved being on the backside of wedding planning. Meeting vendors and experiencing all wedding planning stages has been so eye opening!

This summer I was able to utilize so many skills that are not normally used while working in retail . I loved designing the Bridal Bliss window at the Hilton Downtown and the new setup for Simply Love Studio at this year’s Bridal Bliss Classic wedding show on August 30th! If you’re a new bride, I highly recommend attending at least two bridal shows and what better way to meet with the best vendors in Lexington than to have them all in one place in one day! (There is also food, prizes and goodies!) But make sure to stop by all of our studio vendors and say “hello!”

Networking in the Lexington community was a blast! I have loved the experience of learning of new (and old) businesses in our area and meeting owners who truly make an impact in our community. Lexington is such an awesome place. We are SO lucky to live in such an awesome city!

I’m sure you’re wondering, “So, now that your internship is over.. what are you doing?” Well not to fear, I’m not straying far from Simply Love. I’m joining the Wedding Wonderland team as a Bridal Consultant. I’ve realized after taking some time off to plan my own wedding how much I love the detail and statement about the wedding that your bridal gown makes and just knew that it’s what I needed to be doing! As a consultant and as a former bride, Wedding Wonderland is a go-to for any bride’s needs. We can outfit your entire bridal party (groom and groomsmen included!) and help you keep all your bridal stress to a minimum! Please, pay us a visit!

Before I officially “go” I just want to give a huge thank you to Sarah. I am so thankful for this opportunity to learn about all that I love. It’s not often that your job doesn’t feel like a job because you like what you’re doing! Simply Love Studio is a resource that every bride should utilize, one that would not be regretted!

Thanks to everyone who read my blogs, come see me at Wedding Wonderland!


Lots of Love,

Brittany Wells