As hashtags become a norm on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it seems that interconnecting our guests on social media is as important as how we group them together at the reception! Having a wedding hashtag allows guests to post pictures and statuses about your wedding and being able to see and read the media in one place. Looking through a hashtag allows you to see your guests’ excitement and anticipation as the wedding draws near, their experience during the ceremony and reception and helps show little details that you may have missed in the chaos of your happy day!

While the idea of the hashtag is simple and easy, the pressure to come up with your own wedding hashtag is sometimes overbearing. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! From your engagement up to your ceremony, your wedding experience should be lighthearted and fun. So, I’ve written you 8 simple steps so you can create your own wedding hashtag and leave the stress, and those Pinterest wedding hashtag generators, in the dirt!

1. Who are you?

Sometimes it’s tough to remember that in the end, your hashtag is a representation of you. Don’t forget to include yourself! Decide whether your first names, last names, the new married name or your initials are best to be included in the hashtag! Creating a hashtag is a fun and easy wedding prep activity to do with your groom, so invite him to get involved. He may surprise you! (My now-husband actually came up with ours, I was shocked!)

We decided we wanted to keep it simple with just our new last name: Wells. We thought it would be simple to rhyme with!

2. Think about your theme

Does your wedding have a theme? Once you’ve decided what your theme is, think about objects and details you love about your day. These words can be used in your hashtag to help make it identifiable to guests and custom to you and your day.

I really struggled with this question. I decided my wedding theme was “wedding” since I had no specific theme throughout the ceremony and reception. When I thought of things that went along with weddings: flowers, love and cake were a few words that came to mind.

3. Thesaurus is your friend

As unused as it is, sometimes a good ole’ thesaurus can really come in handy! Using a thesaurus will help you decide if you want to rhyme in your hashtag and come up with various words similar to your theme/objects! It was a lot easier for me to use a physical thesaurus rather than on the computer, I found more words that worked with our tentative words! It can help to use search engines to find things that go along with your theme and look up definitions of words. It’s always good to be well informed! Plus, you’ll never know where you will find inspiration

Doing lots of Google searches of weddings led my husband to the word “bells” which rhymes with Wells.. I bet you can guess what happens next!

4. It’s okay to keep it simple

Don’t want an intense hashtag with rhyming and puns? That’s totally fine! Is your name Rachel and his name Ross and are you getting married in 2015? Cool, #RachelandRoss2015. Your friends and family will love and use any hashtag you choose, so don’t get too worked up about it! Like I said earlier, this should be a fun experience for you; no need to get overwhelmed! Adding a year at the end of your hashtag can also make it more individualized, especially if you get to step 6 and it’s been done before.

I really struggled with this one. I wanted the perfectly punny hashtag that everyone would love to use! It took me many fails to accept that maybe punny wasn’t in my books. After accepting that feat, my perfect hashtag came from the mouth of my perfect husband! #weddingbellsforwells, who knew he could be so creative?

5. Is it as easy to write as it is to say?

As fun as it is to say your hashtag allowed, make sure you write it out. It’s easy to say it over and over, but if your words are long and spelling is complicated it may be difficult for guests to use! Using small and easy-to-spell words are always a good choice. The more complicated your hashtag becomes, the easier it may be for your guests to pass on sharing.

I was adamant about was that my name, Brittany, would not be included. It is incredible how often my name is misspelled.. can you imagine going through ALL the spellings of Brittany to find all the photos of our wedding? Work I didn’t want to have. Wedding, Bells, for, and Wells are all commonly used and easy-to-spell; thankfully the hashtag went over really well.

6. Make sure it hasn’t been done before

The best things about hashtags is that you can look them up. So, once you’ve come up with your perfect hashtag, head to Instagram and Twitter and see if its been done before! If it has been done before, head back to step number 4 and add a symbol or a year to help individualize it.

Sometimes hashtags have been used before, but not frequently. If you’re like me and find that some other bridal party has two or three pictures of themselves celebrating love, and it doesn’t bother you, then go for it! I was in love with #weddingbellsforwells and I knew it would add a lot to our day. Why not share a few pictures with someone else?

7. Make sure your guests are aware of your hashtag

The worst would be to go through all this trouble and no one use your hashtag! So start using it right away! Get excited about this cool thing you’ve created, it’s gonna be awesome. Include your hashtag in bridal showers, vendor meetings, save-the-dates, wedding websites, bachelor/bachelorette events, and displays at your wedding. These will give opportunity for your guests to familiarize themselves with the hashtag and be prompted to use it themselves!

8. Have fun with it!

This is going to be the best day of your whole life! The morning after, seeing all your friends and family celebrating with your hashtag is such a heartwarming feeling. Plus, a great way for you to have access to all the pictures. Have fun creating your hashtag, think outside of the box and know that whatever you do will be awesome!


Good luck!