All this rain lately has been crazy! It got me thinking about a wedding I attended this summer. It was set to be on a beautiful farm in Georgia. It rained our entire drive down there. The whole time my mind was racing and I just had so many questions about what they were going to do with this wedding. Luckily, the reception was set to be in a gorgeous barn right next to the original ceremony spot. So everything was just moved to inside the barn. It ended up being one of the most lovely weddings I have ever attended.

When planning an outdoor wedding, the first question always asked is, “What if it rains?” No one can predict the weather a year out, so it is super important to have a “Plan B”. It could be as simple as just moving it to the barn next door, or renting a tent just to be prepared. If you must move everything altogether, just ensure there is way for you to contact all your guests. I think the most important thing for a bride to remember is that you can’t control the weather. If there happens to be inclement weather on your wedding day, it is ok to implement Plan B and just move on with the rest of your day. It will still  be the most memorable day of life, and could actually lead to some pretty amazing wedding photos. Don’t let a little rain get ya down!